Everything Blood Gases on the Internet

Compiled by Lawrence Martin, M.D.

Below is an annotated list of my web sites, plus others that provide useful information. I've also included a category of web sites for the general public.

My web sites on ABGs

All You Really Need to Know to Interpret Arterial Blood Gases
Information about my book, the #1 bestseller on Amazon.com dealing with arterial blood gases.

Differences between PaO2, SaO2, and Oxygen Content - How Much Oxygen is in the Blood?
Many trainees caring for critically ill patients don't fully understand these important differences.

Blood Gas Quiz
A not-too-easy multiple choice quiz, with detailed answers.

Blood Gas Interpretation - What's new
Non-invasive methods of assessing blood gas information.

Diagnosing mixed acid-base disorders
A quick review of this important topic.

The Anion Gap and the Bicarbonate Gap
AG is very important in unraveling mixed acid-base disorders. Less well understood is the bicarbonate gap.

Blood Gases on Mt. Everest
Based on 2007 expedition to the summit, published in NEJM

Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gases (Powerpoint slide presentation)
Slide presentation for physicians and medical students - with case questions.

Why is the PCO2 Equation the most important equation in all of Clinical Medicine? (Powerpoint slide presentation)
This slide presentation explains why the PCO2 equation is the 'center of the blood gas universe'.

You can't learn blood gas interpretation from a lecture (Powerpoint slide presentation)
A lecture can point you in the right direction and highlight what's important - but you won't learn the art of blood gas interpretation from any talk; you must instead work on problems on your own.

Other Web Sites on ABGs

Acid-base tutorial
Authored by Dr. Alan Grogono, former Chairman of Anesthesiology at Tulane, this web site offers a wealth of instruction. Perhaps unique among web sites on this topic, he provides historical insight into why acid-base terminology is such a mess (see his topic "Topsy Turvy Decisions").

Anesthesiology Education website on Acid-base physiology
Includes an 11-chapter text on Acid-base physiology, plus 30 case examples that are thoroughly discussed.

Blood gas measurements
Site from the UK - emphasis on actual measurements of pH, PCO2 and PO2, as opposed to interpretation of results.

ABG Site "dedicated to helping nurses and other healthcare professionals learn and interpret arterial blood gases." Contains samples for you to interpret.

Brief Review from British Medical Journal
In addition to information about ABG interpretation, shows pictures of arterial sampling and the Allen's Test for arterial blood flow.

You Tube Videos

You Tube Video - Drawing an arterial blood gas

You Tube Animation - Drawing an arterial blood gas

You Tube Slide Lecture - PaCO2

You Tube Slide Lecture -pH

You Tube Slide Lecture - bicarbonate

Oriented toward lay population - patients and their families

WebMD on arterial blood gases

Medline Plus

Blood gas analysis

Lab tests online

WIKIPEDIA entries on:
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pulse oximetry

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