Asbestos Lung Disease - A Primer for Patients, Physicians and Lawyers

Lawrence Martin, M.D., FACP, FCCP

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six naturally occurring minerals are considered "asbestos"
asbestos Litigation 101
chrysotile asbestos
amosite asbestos
crocidolite asbestos
ferruginous bodies
ferruginous bodies uner the light microscope
asbestos lung diseases - summary (from Virtual Hospital)
asbestosis (pathology)
asbestosis x-ray
pleural plaques on chest CT scan
mesothelioma (pathology specimen)
mesothelioma (National Cancer Institute)
medical article on asbestosis and risk of lung cancer
editorial regarding asbestosis and risk of lung cancer
The Asbestos Institute
USG Corporations's Web Site
Association of American Trial Lawyers - position on asbestos legislation
trial lawyer position on congressional legislation

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