And They Built A Crooked House, by Ruth S. Martin


This is a personal account based on a real life horror story. Every attempt has been made to achieve complete accuracy about the case. Many of the quoted documents are matters of public record, having been entered as exhibits at trial. Much of the material about events after trial is based on newspaper articles. Changes have been made only as necessary to protect privacy and the identity of real people. The entire book was sent to our trial attorney, and portions of the book dealing with the construction contract were sent to our contract attorney. Neither attorney reported anything inaccurate or incorrect in my account of events. I accept full responsibility for any mistakes of fact that might appear; if brought to my attention they will be corrected in any subsequent edition.

Advice I give to prospective new-home buyers is based solely on our singular experience, plus what I have gleaned from talking with others and reviewing many other cases published elsewhere. I take no responsibility for any damage or loss or inconvenience as a result of anyone acting upon any advice offered in this book. Although I try to point out many of the potential pitfalls in buying a new home, this book is no substitute for professional help at every step of the way. Indeed, that is the main message of Chapter 35, "How to Protect Yourself When Building or Buying a New Home."