A Guide to Lung and Respiratory Diseases for Patients and Their Families

Lawrence Martin, M.D.

Table of Contents

SECTION A. The Respiratory System: A Review

SECTION B. Diagnosing Asthma: "Hypersensitive Airways"
SECTION C. Airway Disease from the Home and Home Environment
SECTION D Occupational Asthma and Bronchitis

SECTION E. Drug Treatment of Asthma and Other Reversible Airway Problems
SECTION F Non-drug (Natural) Therapies for Asthma

What are the so-called natural therapies for asthma?
Why go to a natural therapist?
What is natural therapy?
How do natural therapies treat asthma?

SECTION G Bronchitis and Emphysema: "COPD"

Why are bronchitis and emphysema considered together?
What is bronchitis?
Is chronic bronchitis just a "reaction" to irritants, or is it a specific disease?
What is the natural history of chronic bronchitis?
How does cigarette smoke cause chronic bronchitis?
What is asthmatic bronchitis?
How is chronic bronchitis treated?
What is the value of breathing tests in COPD?
What is the difference between chronic bronchitis and emphysema?
Why do some cigarette smokers develop chronic bronchitis and others emphysema?
Can inhaling passive smoke cause COPD?
What are the severe effects of chronic bronchitis and emphysema?
Can one develop "acute" emphysema?
Are there drugs for emphysema?
What about surgery for emphysema?
What about flu shots and the pneumonia vaccine?
What kind of lifestyle can COPD patients lead?
Are breathing exercises helpful?
What is pulmonary rehabilitation?
Is a warm climate better for patients with COPD?
What about sexual intercourse with COPD?
Is flying dangerous for patients with COPD?
What is the future for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

SECTION H Patterns of Lung Disease

What are the patterns of respiratory disease?
What is restrictive respiratory disease?
What is obstructive lung disease?
What is the difference between upper and lower airway obstruction?

SECTION I Diagnostic Tests and Procedures In Asthma, Bronchitis and Emphysema

Who should have a chest x-ray?
How is a chest x-ray taken?
What are pulmonary function tests?
What are intubation and artificial ventilation?
What is a tracheostomy?

SECTION J Symptoms and Signs of Lung Disease

What are the signs and symptoms of lung disease?
Do these signs and symptoms always mean lung disease?
When should I be worried about symptoms of respiratory disease?
What causes cough?
What is hemoptysis?
What is the best treatment for a cough?
What causes shortness of breath?
What is the hyperventilation syndrome?
What causes chest pain?
What are upper respiratory symptoms?
What are some common signs of respiratory disease?
What is fluid in the lungs?
What is a spot in the lungs?

SECTION K From Colds to Influenza: Common Infections of the Respiratory Tract

What is the common cold?
What is the best treatment for the common cold?
Is vitamin C helpful?
What is the difference between the common cold and the flu?
What are the complications of the flu?
Are smokers more likely to get the flu?
How is the flu prevented?
Is there any treatment for the flu?
What other respiratory infections are cause by viruses?

SECTION L Problems of the Chest Bellows

What is disease of the chest bellows?
What is Guillain Barre Syndrome?
What is myasthenia gravis?
What is kyphoscoliosis?
How does severe obesity lead to trouble breathing?
What diseases affect the diaphragms?
What are pleural effusions and pleural disease?
How does pleural disease interfere with breathing?
What is pneumothorax?

SECTION M Heart Disease: A Major Cause of Trouble Breathing

How can heart disease cause trouble breathing?
What is the difference between right and left heart failure?
What is pulmonary edema?
How is heart disease distinguished from lung disease in a patient with dyspnea?
What is cardiac asthma?

SECTION N Pneumonia and Pleurisy

What is pneumonia?
What are the infectious causes of pneumonia?
How is pneumonia diagnosed?
Can treatment begin before the cause is confirmed?
What is lobar pneumonia?
Is the pneumonia vaccine helpful?
What is Legionnaire's disease?
Do patients have to be hospitalized with pneumonia?
What is pleurisy?

SECTION O Sarcoidosis: of Unknown Cause After 100 Years

What is sarcoidosis?
Is sarcoidosis a serious disease?
How is the diagnosis of sarcoidosis made?
Can sarcoidosis mimic other diseases?
What are the stages of sarcoidosis?
What is the treatment for sarcoidosis?

SECTION P Oxygen: for Some, a Vital Drug

What is oxygen?
When is oxygen used?
How is oxygen administered?
Can oxygen be delivered anywhere?
How can a patient know if supplemental oxygen is needed?
How is oxygen given in the home?
What are the disadvantages of using home oxygen?

SECTION Q Other Occupational Lung Diseases

What is occupational lung disease?
How common is occupational lung disease?
What are the specific occupational lung diseases?
What is silicosis?
What are the health hazards from asbestos?
How was asbestos found to be dangerous?
Is there asbestos exposure apart from the workplace?
What other dusts can cause pneumoconiosis?
What is organic dust disease?
What is byssinosis?
What diseases occur from inhaling smoke, fumes, gases, vapors, mists, and sprays?

SECTION R Air Pollution

What is air pollution?
What makes up general air pollution?
What is smog?
What respiratory disease is caused by community air pollution?
Does general air pollution lead to specific disease in healthy people?

SECTION S Smoking and Your Health

How do we really know smoking is harmful?
What has been learned since the 1964 Surgeon General's report?
What percentage of the population smokes?

What is the worst effect of cigarette smoking?
How many deaths from lung cancer, bronchitis, and emphysema are attributable to cigarettes?
How does cigarette smoke result in heart damage?
What about pipe and cigar smoking?
Is cigarette smoke addicting?
How can one overcome the nicotine addiction and stop smoking?
If nicotine is addicting, why are some people able to quit "cold"?
What is the best method to quit smoking?
Can harm come from inhaling second-hand smoke?
Are the newer low-tar and nicotine cigarettes safer than the older brands?
Does quitting smoking improve survival?
How long after quitting does one achieve the same lung cancer risk as a non-smoker?
Is marijuana harmful to the lungs?

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