House Officer's Survival Guide

The House Officer's Survival Guide: Rules, Laws, Lists and Other Medical Musings

Lawrence Martin, M.D.

Table of Contents

Why a Survival Guide? Preface for House Officers (Interns and Residents)

Preface for the General Public

Rules, Laws, Lists and Other Medical Musings - An Explanation

Section A: Rules, Laws, Lists

Section B: A Different Perspective

Section C: Non-Sequiturs and Other Random Thoughts

Section D: Ethical Musings

Section E: Money

Section F: A Bit of Medical History

Section G: Law vs. Medicine - The Endless Debate

Section H: Hardcore

Section I: A Literary Bent

Section J: Leisure Time

Section K: Boards And Board Review

Section L: On Language

Section M: A Bit More of Medical History

Section N: The Future

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