Sherman's Mistress in Savannah
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Sherman's Mistress in Savannah

Why Are You Still a Hacker?

In the game of golf...

Why Are You STILL a Hacker?

9 Steps to Escape Hacker-dom

by Lawrence Martin (ex-hacker)

(Author of Secrets of the Best Golfers...)

TABLE OF CONTENTS for Why Are You STILL a Hacker?

Step 1 - Admit You're a Hacker
Step 2 - Commit to Improvement
Step 3 - Take Lessons from a Pro
Step 4 - Understand Ball Flight
Step 5 - Set Up All Your Shots
Step 6 - Become a Short Game Maven
Step 7 - Take Putting Seriously
Step 8 - Practice with a Purpose
Step 9 - Play Often - and Keep Score!
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Back 9 Quiz
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My Core Reading List - For Beginners, Hackers, and High Handicappers
Comprehensive Golf Bibliography
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Note: I would like to thank Charles Elinsky, a superb senior golfer, for his thoughtful proofreading of this manuscript and many helpful suggestions.

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