Avante Garde Golfer

A Journal of new ideas in the world of golf. Published quarterly for the Avant Garde Golfer

Spring Quarter 2020

[Avant Garde Golfer is the creative brainchild of one Rufus Muirfield, who lives in golf-poor New York City. Part science fiction, part wishful thinking, every paragraph is from Muirfield's twisted, golf-deprived mind. Everything is also copyrighted by Lakeside Press, and none of these articles may be reproduced without written consent (and who would want to?). Read Avant Garde Golfer as an alternative take on the golf world, for new ideas about golf, or just for fun.]

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Table of Contents

Golf in the Kingdom
Ouimet: An American Hero

FICTION: The Bunker Murders, by Sal Lindstrom
NONFICTION: Professional Confessionals, by Dilbert Myers

Two men arrested golfing through Central Park
GolfBaseball takes off as America's newest professional sport
'Man vs. Robot' golf tournament
First Looks - Golf dome on the moon
Golf Course Noise - How Big a Problem?
Psychics reveal 'where the golf balls go'

The One Club (the only golf club you'll ever need?)
Never lose a golf ball - Lightwave golf ball finder

What affects the golfer's handicap?

Alien Golfer - a full length novella (Part I)

Short Par 4 Course Opens in LA - Leave Your Driver at Home
Barge Golf on the Hudson

Coming in the next issue of Avant Garde Golfer...
Part II of Alien Golfer, a full length novella
A psychiatrist looks at golf obsession
Night golf is here to stay
Simulated Golf - It's now so real, you can bet your handicap
Tiger in his 40s: 120 wins, including 20 majors: No plans for the Champions Tour
Honest-to-god virtual tours of golf resorts
Book Review: A History of GolfBaseball
Movie Review: Caddyshack III

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