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movie medical trivia

and was posted on Wednesday, 11/01/00. The first person to correctly identify all 15 movies (along with one of the actors or actresses) wins a free copy of the blood gas book.

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-> For each of the following 15 medical themes or plots (divided into 5 categories), name the movie.
-> Also, name the underlined actor or actress; if there is more than one version of the movie, use the latest version.
-> Useful aid:

Movie Medical Trivia

1. Psychiatrist falls in love with patient, who in an earlier role was enthralled to a pretty woman.
2. Psychiatrist hates this patient, a poor man who in the past has battled ghosts and ground hogs.
3. Psychiatrist is introduced to patient whose plea for help he can't refuse - or else.

4. Doctor messes with DNA, really screws things up; his famous line from another film ("Oh, the horror! The horror!") would apply here.
5. Headline in big city: "Sadistic dentist fodder for alien plant!"

6. Headline in another big city: "Doctor's wife engages in prostitution".
7. Headline in small town: "Doctor's wife lies, cheats, steals".

8. This would be patient keeps pestering Doc Daneeka - but the answer is always no.
9. Doctors "Hawkeye" and "Trapper John" sure know how to win this war.
10. Doctor is called in to investigate death at Manhattan Hospital - and at one point wants to kill himself.

11. Doctor ministers to her husband, young sailors; storm conquers all.
12. Doctor ministers to people long held captive in their own bodies.
13. Doctor uncovers dark conspiracy in the 1970's; is almost killed for her efforts
14. Doctor uncovers even darker conspiracy in the 1990's; is almost killed for her efforts.
15. Physician to disciple: "You splice, I'll deliver."

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