Mt. Sinai Hospital -- once a top teaching hospital in Cleveland, Ohio -- closed its doors for good in February 2000. This web site, which was begun in 1996 as an educational resource from the hospital's Pulmonary Division, will continue indefinitely.
Lawrence Martin, M.D.

Mt. Sinai Hospital
Mt. Sinai Hospital

Cleveland, Ohio

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Table of Contents

*On-line books by Dr. Martin

*Pulmonary-related Quizzes

*House Officer's Survival Guide: Rules, Laws, Lists & Other Medical Musings

*"We Can't Kill Your Mother!" & Other Stories of Intensive Care

*Medical History

*Medical Ethics

*Blood Gases and Physiology

*Asthma - selected materials

*Occupational Lung Diseases

*Scuba Diving: Books, Quiz

Pulmonary & General Medicine comprehensive sites

Great Non-medical links, including *What to Do With Your $$$$, from Survival Guide

*The Four Most Important Equations in Clinical Practice

MEDLINE, Libraries, Organizations & Journals on-line

*Medical History-taking in the Modern Era

Sleep Medicine - Stories, links, books

* Sections contain original material by
Lawrence Martin, M.D.
Chief of Mt. Sinai Hospital's Pulmonary Division, 1976-2000.
(Note: there is some overlap of content in the various sections.)