Fictitious Reviews


Earth from space The Blue Sphere, and Other Tales of First Contact

Hamilton-Burr duel Movie review: The Duel

Hannibal Hamlin Avoiding Civil War: The Remarkable Presidency of Hannibal Hamlin, 1861-1869

wright flyer 'Facts and Dates' takes off on college campuses

robot golfer Avant Garde Golfer (fictitious reviews of golf-related books, movies, articles, equipment & golf courses)

space station Earthling's Guide to ISS III and the Moon

Lincoln Off Broadway: Mr. Lincoln's Proclamation

Cleveland Skyline Sunshine in Cleveland

The Last Days of Ambrose Bierce

Report from Leisureville

Atlas Shrugged Atlas Shrugged - The Movie

Early Elvis Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presely

IZ IZ - What a Wonderful (but too short) Life

Fictitious Reviews are just what the name indicates: reviews of works that don't exist. This includes books, movies, TV shows, restaurants -- anything that (if it existed) could be subject to a written review. Fictitious Reviews is a chance for authors to fantasize about what they would like to see, read or experience. Since the actual work or place doesn't exist, the review is a substitute. Have a book or movie you wish existed? No problem, write a review! Some place you'd like to visit but can't (because it doesn't exist) -- fantasize and write a review! Put your review on the internet and let me know about it. If it's well-written and researched, I'll provide a link.

Note that this web site's fictitious reviews are to be distinguished from 'phony reviews' of real places or events. For example, there are phony reviews of real restaurants and hotels, designed to either bolster or harm a business. Then there is the notorious case of Sony Corporation, which created fictional newspaper reviewer David Manning. 'Manning', who was simply made up by a Sony marketing executive, spewed out glowing reviews of real movies put out by Columbia Pictures, a Sony subsidiary.

This web site's fictitious reviews (links on left) will always be designated as such. I don't want people trying to buy a non-existent civil war novel or book passage to the moon! One fictitious review of a non-existent restaurant resulted in that restaurant winning a prestigious award! tramadol

Unlike the examples above, this web site's reviews are transparent and for creative purposes only -- to present ideas that might, just might, inspire others to create something original. Ideas can't be copyrighted, so if something inspires you to create the real McCoy, be my guest.

The "Links to Fictitious Reviews" cover works of 'fiction' and 'non-fiction', historic and current. Now it's your turn - be creative and write a fictitious review!

Lawrence Martin