Golf Secrets
Secrets of the best golfers -- from a professional and a golfer

by Lawrence Martin, M.D.
author of Why Are You STILL a Hacker?

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1. The most important part of becoming a good golfer is to start playing young; the younger the better.

Beginning to play golf after the teenage years is way outside the norm for top players. And those very, very few who did start outside their teens made up for the late start by utilizing Secrets 2 and 3. When you start late the movements have to be learned mechanistically, and thought about in the performance. Top golfers did not learn the swing mechanistically, and don't think about mechanics when hitting the ball; for them, the necessary mechanics were imprinted in their central nervous system when they were still growing.
2. The second most important part of becoming a good golfer is to have some natural talent for the game.

Natural talent is comprised of four factors:

---> Excellent visual-physical perception

---> Excellent hand eye coordination

---> Mental fortitude

---> Good physical condition

(These factors are discussed in detail in the full web site of "Secrets of the best golfers...")

3. The third most important part of becoming a good golfer is to hit a lot of balls, covering a lot of different shots, under some type of tutelage. That is, practice, practice, practice.

Golf lessons are of little help if they aren't followed by practice, to groove muscle memory or whatever you want to call it. Lessons without practice to perfect what you've been taught is never helpful. Golf's like music. Take a piano lesson, then come back a week later for another lesson without having practiced, and your teacher will know instantly. You've learned nothing.

The simple truth is that adults who take up golf invariably try to learn the game in a manner never used by the top golfers. We try to learn by studying the game. We take lessons, read books and magazines, watch The Golf Channel.

But...the pros didn't learn golf that way.

The pros didn't study golf as youngsters, just like we didn't study how to ride a bicycle as a kid. (JackNicklaus has stated he never read a golf book except the ones he wrote.) We learned to bicycle by trial and error, and that's how the pros learned to play golf. Their teachers may have facilitated, honed, channeled talent, but it still comes down to 1, 2 and 3.



As kids or teenagers, via emulation of other players and intense trial and error With major, competing comittments (family, job); occasional golf lessons or golf school
No reading, no videos, no golf school Reading & videos/TV
Play all the time Playing when work and family obligations allow
A devotion to practice and constant improvement Practice infrequent to nil

4. The first three secrets make up 100% of what is needed to become a good golfer. There are no shortcuts.

The 4 Secrets of Top Golfers and What You (not a top golfer) Can Do




1. Start playing young - - Nothing, if you're already an adult
2. Have Natural Talent Visual-physical perception Nothing
Hand-eye coordination Nothing
Mental side Be aware of its importance
Physical conditioning Work out and exercise
3. Hit a lot of balls Learn proper technique for various shots Take Lessons
Perfect various shots 'Deliberate Practice'
4. That's all there is - - Avoid gimmicks, quick fixes and wasting money on fancy equipment

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