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Golf in The Kingdom, by Michael Murphy
The Kingdom of Shivas Irons, by Michael Murphy

The first of the 'zen' books on golf (originally published in 1972), Golf in The Kingdom combines a bit of mysticism with specific advice on the game. Told in the form of a story about a young golfer who discovers, in one brief encounter in Scotland, a player and philosopher named Shivas Irons. Kingdom is the best selling golf novel of all time. Murphy also wrote the 1998 sequel, In the Kingdom of Shivas Irons, which is not as entertaining as the first novel.

Legend of Bagger Vance
The Legend of Bagger Vance: A Novel of Golf and the Game of Life, by Steven Pressfield
Some call Bagger Vance a ripoff of Murphy's Golf in the Kingdom; others call it a great golf novel. About a (fictional) golf match between Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones and an unknown Georgia golfer named Rannolph Judah. Takes place just outside Savannah, Ga. in the early 1930s. The story of the match is admittedly engrossing, although I personally grew tired of all the mysticism and religiosity represented by Bagger Vance, Judah's caddy. The Robert Redford-produced movie also had difficulty translating this character to the screen (played by Will Smith).
The Greatest Player Who Never Lived, by J. Michael Veron
The Greatest Course That Never Was, by J. Michael Veron

A wholly contrived and hokey story, Greatest Player is nonetheless entertaining. A modern day law student (Charley Hunter), while working in Bobby Jones old law firm, uncovers the incredible story of a golfer better than anybody of his era (1920's and 30's) -- including Jones! Unfortunately, he had to play under an alias and could never openly compete. Although also entertaining -- especially for Bobby Jones fans -- Veron's Greatest Course is not as spell binding as Greatest Player.Golf nuts will appreciate that Veron has done his homework to get all the historical references accurate.

Golf Best Short Stories
Golf's Best Short Stories, edited by Paul Staudohar

Lure of the Links
Lure of the Links: Great Golf Stories, edited by David Owen and Joan Bingham
A superb collection of both fiction and non-fiction pieces, by the famous (Gene Sarazen, Bobby Jones, Bernard Darwin, Michael Murphy, John Updike, George Plimpton, among others) and the not so famous.
Perfect Lies
Perfect Lies, by William Hallberg
An anthology of 23 short stories by such literary lights as PG Wodehouse, John Updike, Walker Percy and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Rub of The Green
The Rub of the Green, by William Hallberg

Missing Links, by Rick Reilly
Shanks for Nothing, by Rick Reilly

Missing Links is the first of two really funny novels about "Ponkey Golf Course" (Ponkaquogue) in Massachusettes, and the amazing characters who play there. Golfers in particular will enjoy enjoy both this and the sequel, Shanks for Nothing. Shanks continues the tale of "Ponkey' and its endearing players. Hart's father has died and left him something in the will; there's a catch, of course. Both books are highly recommended. (And they don't have to be read in sequence.)

Miracle On The Green
Miracle on the 17th Green, by James Patterson, Peter De Jonge. Described as "inspirational, entertaining, and sometimes very funny book." The vast majority of reviews are 4 or 5 stars.

On The Fringe
On the Fringe and Other Uncommon Tales of Golf, by Gregory Barton. The reviews are quite positive on "...a delightful collection of golf stories!"

Other golf books - by category

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